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Microsoft Delays Windows Phone 7 Update

Microsoft has pushed back the release date of the Windows Phone 7 update that adds new functionality. The update had originally been destined to reach users in the first two weeks of March.

"We have the next update waiting in the wings. It delivers copy and paste, better Marketplace search, and other key improvements," said Eric Hautala, Microsoft General Manager of Customer Experience Engineering, in a post on the Windows Phone blog. "But I believe it's important that we learn all we can from the February update. So I've decided to take some extra time to ensure the update process meets our standards, your standards, and the standards of our partners. As a result, our plan is to start delivering the copy-and-paste update in the latter half of March."

Even with the changes, Hautala adds the "short pause" does not change the launch time frame of the much larger update, Microsoft promised it would add features like multitasking, Twitter integration and an HTML5-based version of Internet Explorer Mobile.

Last month, Microsoft halted a WP7 software upgrade intended to prepare devices for future OS enhancements after some users with Samsung devices unable to update their system software, with the process hanging just beyond the halfway point. Microsoft later stated that about 10 percent of customers were running into problems with the update, blaming either a poor Internet connection or insufficient computer storage space.

Windows Phone 7 now powers nine handsets across 60 mobile operator networks in 30 countries. Windows Phone Marketplace digital storefront now offers more than 9,000 applications, with a base of over 32,000 registered developers contributing an average of 100 new apps each day.

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