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Magic cap that helps you spell words with your mind!

How great would it be if you could do away with a keyboard forever and simply type using your mind?

Now, that's possible using intendiX – a device that spells words based on brain waves.

Developed by Austrian company Guger Technologies, it's essentially a skullcap, covered in electroencephalographic (EEG) electrodes, with a computer interface, reports Discovery News.

The wearer stares at a computer screen, which flashes highlights over different rows in a matrix of letters and symbols set up like a keyboard on the screen. Simply by paying attention to the desired letter for a few seconds, the program can determine what the user intended to pick.

The 'magic cap' could be a blessing for those with spinal injuries or other conditions that impair use of the arms or vocal cords.

According to Guger Technologies, most people become competent thought-communicators after 10 minutes of training on the system and are able to spell out five to 10 characters a minute.

The user can also make it read the message out loud in digitized prose, print the text, or send it in email or via another electronic messaging system -- intendiX is Bluetooth-ready.

The only ability needed to use the system, besides a few seconds of concentration, is eyesight.

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