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Salman Khan

Salman Khan at the Jaan-E-Mann and UFO tie-up party (2006).
Born Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan
27 December 1965 (age 45)
Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Occupation Film actor
television presenter
Years active 1988–present
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Porn Things we didnt know

As skin flicks grow increasingly ubiquitous, thanks to the ease of steamy streaming on the internet, X-rated entertainment has also become a hot research topic. Check out the shocking facts these studies uncovered.
1. Women get turned on by monkey sex

Think guys are aroused by just about anything? It's actually the other way around. Researchers from Northwestern University showed men and women videos of nude actors exercising, masturbating, or having sex. They found that men have pretty clear "targets" — straight dudes got hot looking at ladies, while gay dudes were turned on by men. It's fuzzier for chicks, though. Even if they didn't report feeling in the mood, straight women experienced physical arousal after viewing pretty much any kind of sexual stimuli — guy-on-guy porn, girl-on-girl action, and even bonobo monkeys getting frisky.

2. Utah is the perviest state

A Harvard study found that Utah had the most online porn subscriptions per every 1,000 broadband users. (The state with the lowest rate of porn subscriptions? Montana.)

3. The body part that men focus on when watching porn is the woman's — wait for it — face

You read that right: eyes and lips win out over ****s and a badonkadonk, according to an eye-tracking study from the Kinsey Institute at the University of Indiana. The researchers speculated that guys look at women's faces to gauge how turned on they are.

4. The pill affects whether you go for the money shot

More from the Kinsey Institute study: Women not on hormonal birth control (like The Pill) zoned in on people's genitals when shown a pornographic pic. But women taking The Pill were more interested in contextual elements such as the background, or what the actors are wearing. Researchers hypothesize it's because Pill-free women have a higher sex drive.

 All — literally all — men watch it

A researcher from the University of Montreal wanted to study whether pornography has an impact on guys' sex lives. There was just one teensy problem though: To form a control group, he searched for men in their twenties who'd never consumed porn...and he couldn't find a single one.

Most guys get into it before puberty

The majority check out porn for the first time at age 10, according to the same University of Montreal study.

7. Presidential elections put people in the mood

Talk about dirty politics. After President Bush won the election in 2004, red states saw a jump in porn-related Internet searches. And after President Obama won in 2008, blue states went on a porn-search frenzy. Researchers from Villanova and Rutgers University believe it's because being on the winning team creates a surge of testosterone, which spikes sex drive.

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Wikileaks Server Bunker in Stockholm!

I wondered to myself, "where Wikileaks keep all the data?" It would surely have to be pretty safe, and in a fairly "politically neutral" country. My first thought was a server lab somehow implanted into a Swiss bank account. It turns out I was pretty close. With his eccentric personal life and air of mystery, the flamboyant WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange seems to be doing his best to impersonate a James Bond villain. The servers are actually hosted by Stockholm based "Banhof ISP", a server lab located in a nuclear bomb shelter, situated 100ft under a rock mountain.


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Baby Rescued from Crazy Father!

An insane man attempted to jump from the eighth floor of an apartment block in Chengdu, Sichuan province in China.

The worst part of the story is that he was holding his 2 year old daughter while he was threatening to throw the child out the window.

Rescuers saved the little girl before it was too late.

Salutation to the brave rescuer!!
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Heather Thomas - The 80's Sex Bomb

There are some Hotties who remain the favourite pin up girls, no matter how much time goes by.

The Sex Symbol

On The Fall Guy, Heather Thomas played Jody Banks, Lee Majors' sidekick and the show's sex symbol.

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