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Adobe Unveils Wallaby to Convert Flash into HTML5

Adobe Systems has released Wallaby, a new experimental tool that converts simple Flash games and animations into HTML5.

The free, cross-platform desktop application from Adobe Labs, makes transforming Adobe Flash files, which Apple rejects from the App Store, into HTML5, so that it is readable on "devices that do not support the Flash runtimes". It turns Flash Professional files into HTML5 code, which can then be edited using any text editor or authoring tool like Dreamweaver.

"Adobe's goal is to support our customers with whatever tools they need to get their creative content onto any device," said Tom Barclay, senior product manager for Flash Professional at Adobe, when asked for a comment. "We look forward to the user feedback about the code they're generating with Wallaby and the use cases for which they end up using Wallaby. We believe Flash is the best long-term solution for things like games, video and RIAs where high levels of interactivity are required. And we believe HTML5 is just as imperative for things like banner ads, especially for devices such as iPad and iPhone."

Wallaby aslo supports batch processing and diagnostic reporting. With the power to script conversions or to simply drag and drop folders of .FLA files into the app, Wallaby helps developers ensure that their ads—no matter the number—reach their users, regardless of the platform.

Adobe's release of Wallaby to Adobe Labs is a way for the company to garner user input on the technology. Not all Flash elements can be 100 percent converted with the preview release toll now.

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