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4 Things Every Man Wants In A Woman

If you want to win the right man's heart, you need to know what it is that makes a man go from just feeling casual about dating you to wanting and needing you on a deeper level. I'm going to take you inside a man's mind you so you understand what it takes to trigger this kind of connection.
And I'm talking about a real man – one who is mature and grounded on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. They are on a great path and open to growing on a deeply personal level. I'm betting that's exactly why you're on this site: to find a quality kind of guy – a real man looking for a real relationship.
So what does a mature, REAL man want in a woman?

#1) A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Playful
There's something that drives men wild and invites them into a deeper level of "connection" – play.
Men love to be active and to play. They were raised to express themselves and connect with those around them through action.
Unfortunately, too many women seem to forget this and want to talk their way into a man's heart. But the fact is that men don't "feel it" for you because of what you say. It's not your words that make a man attracted to you, it's the experiences you create with him.
Watch or play sports together, be competitive in casual games like ping pong – even add a little teasing and sarcasm here and there – and you'll really ramp up the attraction and interest.

#2) A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Independent
Lots of women mistakenly believe that men are looking for a "weaker" woman who will make them feel like they are smarter and more powerful.
Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Real men want a woman who inspires them because she has great things going on her own life. They want a woman who has her own purpose other than being in a relationship.
A great guy isn't intimidated by independence and success. What matters to a man is that a woman still has space in her life for a great relationship and is grounded and present when she's with him.
The best way to communicate this to a man is to stay busy in your own life and not suddenly make him your world. Don't drop your own interests, responsibilities, and friends just to be with him. And then, when you are with him, really BE with him – have fun and give your attention to him and what you're doing together.

#3) A Real Man Wants A Woman Who Is Emotionally Mature
If a man feels attracted to a woman, eventually there's going to be a situation that comes up where you and a man will see something differently and misunderstand each other.
How will you respond to this and share your feelings? 
A woman who has the maturity to not blame or criticize a man for what she's feeling, but to share her feelings in an honest and authentic way that helps a man better understand her will be attractive to a man. How a woman handles her emotions is one of the most important things men look for when deciding whether or not to get serious with a woman. If she lets her emotions get out of control, this is a big red flag to him.
On the other hand, if she can present her feelings to him in a calm, non-dramatic manner, she will win his respect and make him feel like she's the kind of woman who will be a real partner to him.He'll see that she can handle things with a cool head rather than becoming a damsel in distress he has to rescue.

#4) A Real Man Wants A Woman He's Intensely Attracted To
Fact: Men aren't as scared of commitment and relationships as they are scared of being in a relationship with a woman where there is no passion and attraction.
A common way women accidentally kill the attraction men might be feeling is by either trying too hard to get him to like you, or by acting like the relationship is too serious too soon.
Relax and let things happen naturally. Make sure you do and say things that interject fun and humor into your relationship from the very start. There's nothing more appealing to a man than a great woman who knows how to relax and have fun.
You can do this through playful teasing, flirting, humor, and being unpredictable (in a good way). For instance, instead of talking about what he does for a living when you meet him (yawn), ask him about what sports he plays and what drives him. Once you're in a relationship, don't be afraid to shake things up. If you normally go to brunch on Sundays, suggest something completely different like a bike ride and a picnic. Mixing things up keeps the relationship fun for both of you, and being a woman who is open to new experiences is very attractive to him.

You are beautiful

It is a shame when women go out of their way to find fault with themselves. Most women are insecure with no good reason. 

More often than not, a woman's physical appearance plays a major role in affecting her confidence. It is amazing when you think about all the reasons women get so insecure. Someone has a paunch, someone has a few pimples, someone has a bad nose, someone has bad hair. Someone's breasts are too big, and someone's are too small. Someone is too fat, and someone is too thin. 

Not all overweight women are insecure. In fact, many love their bodies just the way they are, but there are many who are insecure for this reason. Similarly, a bad complexion does not bother Latha, but Mary's pimples are causing her to lose all her self-esteem. 

Stop for a moment and think about your looks. Your looks essentially are all about how you look to another person, so look at yourself through someone else's eyes. Think back to some other people you know, and figure out what would they be insecure about. You will discover you got it all wrong. You may wonder what Sarita has to be insecure about. If you must hazard a guess, you'd say she's not too happy with her curly hair. And then you discover she hates her nose. Her nose What's wrong with that?
Others don't notice it! 
Very often you will find that what upsets you the most about your looks is something that other people don't even notice. And if they do, they pay little attention to it. When conversing with Ravi, you may notice that he has a few pimples on his face, but within a few minutes of interesting conversation you forget all that and start noticing his nice smile, his great sense of humour or, if you are observant, his long eyelashes! 

It is a shame when women go out of their way to find fault with themselves. True, certain severe things may cause you to be troubled, but most women are insecure with no good reason. 

Observe your behaviour at a get-together. Your eyes will be drawn towards good-looking people first. So, give your positive features importance, and enhance them with makeup. Draw attention to your beautiful eyes or lips, and no one's going to notice your large hips, your fat fingers, or whatever you are insecure about. 
No one is perfect 
If you are overweight, people that are slim may catch your eye, but a slim person may not even notice who is overweight or not she may be more into observing people's noses, because she thinks she has a bad one. While you envy her her figure, she may envy you your lovely perky nose. 
Remember this 
No one notices much about others, unless they are very, very beautiful or very, very ugly. 90 percent of the people fall in between and spend most of their time worrying about little things that impact no one. 

Something may trouble you today, and when it's mended, you will find something else to be insecure about. It's like getting a new job. When you get one, you're the happiest person, for around a month. After that you start noticing the politics, your bad boss, the bad working hours, and start dreaming about another, better job. The difference is that moving on to a better job is constructive, but feeling insecure because of your little flaws is destructive. Often, it is these flaws that enhance your sex appeal and add to your personality and character, so tell yourself that you wouldn't change them for the world. Accept them, and love yourself.

Man Rules

Man Rules 
At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down
Finally , the guys' side of the story. 
must admit, it's pretty good.) 
We always hear 
the rules" 
From the female side....
Now here are the rules from the male side.

These are our rules! 
Please note.. these are all numbered "1 " 
1. Men are NOT mind readers. 

1.. Crying is blackmail. 

1. Ask for what you want. 
Let us be clear on this one: 
Subtle hints do not work! 
Strong hints do not work! 
Obvious hints do not work! 
Just say it! 

1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 

1. Come to us with a problem 
only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. 
Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for. 

1. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. 
In fact, all comments become Null and void after 7 Days. 

1. If you think you're fat, you probably are. 
Don't ask us. 

1. If something we said can be interpreted two ways and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the 
other one 

1. You can either ask us to do something 
Or tell us how you want it done. 
Not both. 
If you already know best how to do it , just do it yourself. 

1. Whenever possible, Please say whatever you have to say during commercials. . 

1. Christopher Columbus did NOT need directions and neither do we. 

1. ALL men see in only 16 colors, like Windows default settings. 
Peach, for example, is a fruit, not 
color. Pumpkin is also a fruit. We have no idea what mauve coloris.
1.We guys may stink, and it perfectly alright with us. We don't need to bath everyday,
why to bother when a Deo can solve the issue.

1. If we ask what is wrong and you say "nothing," We will act like nothing's wrong. 
We know you are lying, but it is just not worth the hassle.. 

1. If you ask a question you don't want an answer to, Expect an answer you don't want to hear. 

1. When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine... 

1. Don't ask us what we're thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as Football 
or Cricket. 

1. You have enough clothes. 

1. You have too many shoes. 

1. I am in shape. 
Round IS a shape! 

1. Thank you for reading this. 
Yes, I know, I have to sleep on the couch tonight; 

But did you know men really don't mind that? It's like camping. 

- By A. Man!

100 Things to Do When Bored in Class

Bored in Class, Or just want to Laugh Your Heads off?

Devise a secret code with your friend then hand in the homework in that code
  1. Continually ask questions so that the professor can't give homework
  2. Answer the teacher's questions in slow motion
  3. Answer questions only with one word
  4. Scream random words without anybody noticing it's you
  5. Continuously yawn until everyone is yawning
  6. Ask your professor personal questions
  7. Every time the professor finishes talking clap
  8. Talk very fast
  9. Call the professor "Mom" or "Dad"
  10. Count your hair
  11. Talk with an accent
  12. Answer questions in a different language
  13. Fake spasms
  14. Pretend to be scared of everything
  15. Draw cartoon characters of your classmates or of the professors
  16. Quote Family Guy
  17. Write out plan on how to conquer the world
  18. Pretend to Choke
  19. Pretend to be drunk
  20. Tap your feet on the ground loudly
  21. Raise your hand for every question your teacher asks you but answer "oh i forgot"
  22. Pretend to slip
  23. Wink at the teacher
  24. Wink at random people
  25. Smack your thigh and smile at the people who look at you
  26. Smile the whole lesson
  27. When the teacher enters the room give a low bow
  28. Pretend to sleep and snore loudly
  29. Drop your pen and say "accio"
  30. Ask your teacher where the potions room is
  31. Ask the teacher where he/she is
  32. Fake Fart Sounds
  33. Ask the teacher for his/her phone number
  34. Spill you pencil case/box on the floor
  35. Pretend to be sick
  36. Pretend to have photographic memory
  37. Fake flashbacks
  38. Tell people "I'm Pregnant"
  39. Ask out the teacher
  40. Repeat movie lines
  41. Pretend you are Harry Potter and your scar hurts
  42. Sing your favourite song
  43. Twitter the whole lesson
  44. Pretend to be Indian
  45. Write a love note to the teacher
  46. Talk to yourself
  47. Snort Eraser dust
  48. When the teacher enters the room Scream "next"
  49. When the Teacher enters the room ask for a refund
  50. On your assignments write very small or extremely big
  51. Act like a nerd
  52. Pull a "Michael Jackson"
  53. Put some red ink on a ruler, then slash your wrists with it so people think you cut yourself
  54. Talk in slang
  55. Get into a fight with yourself
  56. Pretend you are a gangster
  57. Pretend you are high
  58. Bring a bag of flour to the school and on your desk make lines of flour and attempt to snort them
  59. Once the teacher enters the room get the whole class to sing the national anthem
  60. Act high
  61. Stare at one object in the classroom for one lesson
  62. Rate the teacher
  63. Pretend you are "Susan Boyle" and sing "I Dream a Dream
  64. Touch a Plug and pretend to get electrocuted
  65. Fart
  66. Sleep
  67. Make odd animal noises
  68. Act like an undercover spy
  69. Write down everything the teacher says while repeating what they say
  70. Laugh Stupidly for no reason
  71. Act as if you were blind
  72. Sit on the floor and beg for money
  73. Think of the best excuses for being late/ not handing in your homework
  74. s.u.c.k/ your stationary seductively while staring at a person
  75. Begin Cussing at your self
  76. Talk in gangster rap
  77. Challenge your teacher to a rap battle
  78. Pretend to chew gum
  79. Point out the window and say "LOOK EVERYBODY SPIDERMAN" once every one looks say "oh too late he's gone now"
  80. Write a love note and leave it on the chair when you change period
  81. Play an air guitar
  82. Throw paper airplanes
  83. Say random facts about people
  84. Go up to someone you have never talked to before then tell them "i have this problem for years now i can't take it anymore"
  85. Narrate your life
  86. Beat box
  87. Whistle at random things
  88. Count random things
  89. Pass notes to people you have no interest in
  90. Ask personal details about people you would never have talked to
  91. Play your favorite song in your head
  92. Think of what the teacher's life was like
  93. Rhyme the last words of everybody's sentences
  94. Play paper football
  95. Search in your bag/binder for things you don't have
  96. Attempt to Find Nemo
  97. Take some take and give yourself a waxing
  98. Find a better thing to do than find 100 things to do when bored

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A lovely lesson for life!!!!

A student asks a teacher: What is love?
The teacher said: in order to answer your question, go to the paddy field and choose the biggest paddy and come back.But the rule is: you can go through them only once and cannot turn back 
to pick.
The student went to the field, go thru first row,he 
saw one big paddy,but he wonders....may be there is a bigger one later.Then he saw
another bigger one... but may be there is an even bigger one waiting for him
Later, when he finished more than half of the paddy field, he start to realize that the paddy is not as big as the previous one he saw, he 
know he has missed the biggest one, and he regretted. So, he ended up went 
back to the teacher with empty hand.

The teacher told him, this is love... you keeplooking for a better 
one,but when later you realize, you have already miss the personThe student asked: What is marriage then? The teacher said: In order to answer your question, go to the corn 
fieldand choose the biggest corn and come back. 
But the rule is: you can go through them only once and cannot turn back to pick. 

The student went to the corn field, this time he is careful not to repeat the previous mistake, when he reach the middle of the field, he has picked one medium corn that he feel satisfied, and came back to the teacher.

The teacher told him, this time you bring back a corn.... you look for one that is just nice, and you have faith and believe this is the best one you get.... this is marriage.

Vitamin C Could Shorten Our Life!!

...and especially those who are battling cancer! All this while, direct sellers mindlessly told us that vitamin C could cure any disease; They said their vitamin Cs are self-produced, making it very healthy and safe for consumption; and in order to rev up their sales they'll advice us to take large doses of these vitamin C! Yeah, many people gobble huge doses of vitamin C in hopes of so-called boosting their immune system and warding off illness. But a new research shows that in people with cancer, vitamin C are actually causing more harm than good. In other words, these vitamin C could have "helped" protecting the cancer cells against chemotherapy! Crap! 

Is this still safe for us?

According to Dr. Mark Heaney, the use of vitamin C supplements could have the potential to reduce the ability of patients to respond to therapy. Dr. Heaney and his colleagues tested 5 different chemotherapy drugs on cancer cells in the laboratory. Some of the cells were treated with vitamin C. In every case, including a test of the powerful new cancer drug Gleevec, chemotherapy did not work as well if cells had been exposed to vitamin C!!! The chemotherapy agents killed 30% to 70% fewer cancer cells when treated with the vitamin. Now, that's really, really shocking!

Poor mice! 

And here's another terrible finding: A second set of experiments implanted cancer cells in mice. They found that the tumours grew more rapidly in mice that were given cancer cells pretreated with vitamin C. That means that if we have a mild tumour in us...then after consuming these vitamin Cs, the mild tumour will turn into malignant cancer cells even faster? Now, that's really beyond horrifying...

Yeah! Now he (cancer) has the last laugh!

One final blow: The researchers also found that just like healthy cells, cancer cells also benefit from vitamin C. The vitamin appeared to repair a cancer cell's damaged mitochondria, the energy center of cells. When the mitochondria is injured, it sends signals that force the cell to die, but vitamin C interrupts this process. Again, Vitamin C is being so kind & helpful here. Instead of letting the cancer cell die, it actually revive the evil cells allowing to grow.

...Which is?

So is Vitamin C is still safe for our consumption? I don't know...but the answer is an obvious NO right? It's not fair for me to say anything. Hopefully the experts could clarify about this soon. So you guys better be careful with the supplements that you are taking. And please don't give you families and friends who have cancer consume these lethal killer-vitamin C!

::: Multifunctional pen :::

Never seen anything like it!

Informative thread

THE famous diamond KOHINOOR
was named kohinoor by an Iranian king NADIR SHAH
Presently this diamond is in Tower of London

* - * - * - *

Dhiru Bhai Ambani was having a property of 60000 crore
AT time of his death in 2002 and he started his buisness with only 
15000 rupees

* - * - * - *

J.K ROLLING was facing shortage of money before
publishing of her first book and she wrote her first book 
on waste papers

Five Most Tricky Gadgets for IT Giants in 2010

It is really a "bustling"year for IT industry. Apple shook things up with the iPhone 4 and completely rejuvenated the tablet market with the iPad. Android continued its strong growth in the smartphone market. However, there are still some gadgets that embarrassed these technical giants.

Apple TV

Apple TV started shipping three years ago. However, its large size , significantly high price and hard-drive to store media locally lead to relatively lacklustre sales. In Sepetember this year, Apple Inc. relaunched the device with a smaller size and cheaper price($99).

Recently, Apple Inc. announced that its second-generation Apple TV was expected to reach its one millionth sale. If the device continues to sell a million units per quarter, it would amount to $400 million in annual revenue, just a drop in the bucket for a company expected to earn $88 billion in revenue in its fiscal year 2011.

Steve Jobs, Apple's chief executive, had previously called Apple TV "a hobby". Well, a million sales is very tiny comparing with this giants' strong sales of iPad and iPhone4.

Dell Aero

Launched in August this year, Dell Aero is the company's first stab at the smartphone market (by Dell's definitions, at least — the company released the Streak earlier, but it insists the 5-inch call-making device is a tablet and not a phone).

Since its launch,The Aero received many criticisms. It runs on Android 1.5,an early version of Google's mobile operating system. For a brand new phone to be shipping with an out-dated version of Android is simply embarrassing, both to Dell and to the image of the Android.


Google TV was co-developed by Google, Intel, Sony and Logitech. It integrates Google's Android operating system and Google Chrome browser to create "a new experience for television". Officially launched in October, Google TV has received weak reception. Major American networks have been reluctant to provide shows on Google TV. NBC, CBS, ABC and Hulu have blocked people from watching full-length shows on their Web sites using Google TV. Besides, its complex controller also scared away away many ordinary customers.

In December, Google has asked TV makers like Toshiba to delay the introduction of Google TV, putting the TV makers in an awkward position. 

Microsoft Courier

Courier was a dual-screened tablet that was touch-screen capable, but also featured a stylus pen for hand written text, diagrams and more. Video demonstrations of the product made it seem like the evolution of the digital planner, combined with a personal journal and web-enabled tablet.

It was an ambitious move for Microsoft to launch such a impressive tablet, therefore, this world's technical giant canceled the project before it gets off the ground.

Microsoft Kin

The Kin, which was launched by Microsoft, came in two different models. It was an oddly shaped touchscreen phone with a slide-out keypad that specifically targeted teens by focusing on social media features. Just a few weeks after the phone was released this spring, Microsoft stopped selling it.

The phone was relaunched later this year. Despite a massive marketing campaign in the US, sales remained stubbornly close to zero. The units were over-priced, under powered and it was impossible to add applications to them


1>>Suppose a beautiful girl sends an sms to all her friends……
"Wen u luv sum1, dont make dem luv u as much as u do. But luv dem so much dat dey don't want 2b luvd by any1 except U"
Frm-xxx, India.
        Boys are caught under this trap & usually compete against one another to make that girl one's own girlfriend. At last, the girl chooses the highest competitive male & others are left alone.
2>> Now, after a boy makes a lady his girlfriend , it is generally the boy who must listen & obey his girlfriend or else he may be charged with false rape , molestation or sexual harassment cases by his girlfriend very easily.
Below is a link to understand better about false rape cases…..
         So, it is seen that a considerable amount of a boy's energy is wasted either in attracting a girl or being with one who is attracted.
1>> In India 1,70,000 married men committed suicide in last 10 years(1996-2008) directly due to domestic violence. Today in India, married men are committing suicide at nearly double the rate of married women.
2>> Suppose a wife  insults her in-laws in front of her husband,  then the husband cannot do anything but to obey his wife's command. Because he doesn't have any legal protection even if his wife commits domestic violence on him. So, it is better not to marry & bear injustice.
Link to  news items…….
1>> As we know S.H.W.B. (Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill, 2010) is introduced in the cabinet, it is better for men to avoid talking & touching women because false sexual harassment complaints can be made against men very easily.
Link to everything under the sun is sexual harassment ………………
Link to anti-male investigations in proposed sexual harassment bill………
       It is true that not all women are bad. But cruel women are also wearing the body of woman. So, I am sorry good girls! We know that you are nice & we will miss you!


Spend sometime and watch the video of the link below.

Why did it happen ?

Adultery is committed by both men & women. If you think adultery is committed by men only then check the crime reporter. Women are no less. They also commit adultery like men do. Still then, can any commercial dare to show  bashing of adulterous women by men in a similar manner ?

The answer is 'No'.

Then ,why is it such ?

Now, the answer to this question is 'misandry'. Since misandry is present in society, it allows  bashing of men as social service.

Next, how did misandry come to our society ?

The answer is  feminist organizations spreaded it & then the media. Just look at those card carrying feminists crying rapes, molestations, sexual harassments etc. by men. Look at the media how they sensationalise such news. You can very well notice when such statistics of rapes, molestations, sexual harassments etc. are presented they are always the number of complaints received and not by the number of convictions. So, irrespective of the genuineness of the cases, the statistics get bloated and then these bloated statistics are used to justify male bashing. When a complaint of rape is received the media happily bashes the male gender with headlines/breaking news. But when the same complaint is proven false or the complainant backs off or refuses to undergo medical tests ,why doesn't the media make any breaking news/headlines ?

Only a very small portion of males commit such crimes. But in such a case females are also not behind in committing such crimes.
Link to another video, which raises question about the modesty of men is..... 

Now, look at the next video where innocent men are publicly bashed just because of that they didn't have any other option but to enter the women only  coach just because of some practical constraints.These women only coaches travel nearly empty & men are squeezed  in non-reserved compartments.

Also,read the news of the links below....

When I was waiting in men's sleeper class waiting hall of the railways, I found some women in there because they wanted to stay with the male members of their families. No one complains. It seems like only men think for women's convenience.
Men are not bad . Only the actions & demands of feminists project men as bad . So, next time when feminists speak about men as aggressors and spread misandry to the society, don't believe them because we all know that men are good.


Misandry - Rape - 1/4

Misandry - Men are Disposable - 1/4

#1 Living in a Feminist, Man-Hating Matriarchy - part 1 of 5

Roots of feminism part 1

How women sexually harass men

Female Infidelity

Man Talk (No Women Allowed)

Joe Biden: Feminist Hero


Work-place :-
1.         Some women holding superior positions in office give some unwelcome sexual comments and also touch unwelcomely their male subordinates.

2.         Some women dress in some unwelcome manner such as revealing & short clothes ,attract men sexually and cause harassment . However, in a democratic country men and women should wear whatever they like but dress code should be there. Proper dress for proper environment.

In General:-
3.         A very beautiful girl once said that she only talked to those males who had some interest for her. That means one must keep some interest for her if he wants to talk to such a girl. Again, sexual harassment of men if they do not have some interest for her.

4.      Some women enjoy the flirtations of their male friends. Only when the male friend feels it is now safe to propose to such a woman after flirtations and also proposes after that the woman lets him know that she already has a boyfriend. This is another sexual harassment. Why didn't the woman tell that she had a boyfriend when the flirtations started ? Men like sex & women shouldn't pretend that they don't know it .It is another sexual harassment.
5.      Sometimes girls flirt with other guys in front of their boyfriends just to inspire jealousy. May be it is because she felt underappreciated or she just had a big fight with her boyfriend. This is another such a sexual harassment. It is also emotional harassment when the boy truely loves the girl.
6.        Some women show their cleavage & panty upper border in public places & cause sexual harassment to men .
There are many such examples besides these six. But some men & women think such harassments as favours made to men by women. There are many men who think them as not favours but harassments.Besides females sometimes males also sexually harass other males in some similar manners

Sex as a Bargaining Tool

Truth is sometimes hard to digest and the hardest of the truths come out as jokes in life. I have also got my mobile filled with such jokes recently.
Examples- "Scientists have discovered a food that diminishes a woman's sex urge by 90%. It is called wedding cake !"
            "Wives are funny creatures ! A wife doesn't do sex to her husband & also wants to kill the woman (who ever else) does it to her husband !"
            I wondered if sex is only important for men. No, I was wrong. I have seen in an interview- a woman was telling that sex is as much important for women as it is for men. When read the crime reporter, I found lots of women are committing adultery. So, it is proved beyond doubt that sex is also important for women.
            But there is a difference. Sex is important for men and women know it. So, she can use it as a bargaining tool to get something out of her male partner for doing sex to him. Sex is not free for men. He has to pay for it. A man has to pay money to a prostitute for enjoying sex with her. Even a man has to provide financial assistance & social security to his wife and then only he gets the opportunity to enjoy sex with his wife. With the increasing number of men complaining their respective wives not taking interest on sex only means women use sex as a bargaining tool because they are fully aware that sex is important for their men. So, she can demand something in exchange of sex.
            On the other hand, men can't use sex as a bargaining tool because they are often ready to give it to women very easily. Women also seem to know it very well that they will get sex easily by their respective men.

Train Journey with a Young Girl

{The below incident is just my interpretation as it is impossible to get one's mind unless he or she speaks the truth.}
           Sometimes back , I was travelling by train in sleeper class where I shared the compartment with 3 male students studying in 3rd year engineering in IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and a very young girl working in paramilitary force (not officer rank as I can remember). Although not very beautiful, she looked confident with a jeans & top and also looked as of same age with the male students.
            Just after hi-hellos with all of them, I went to the side berth to relax and I was noticing all of them . The boys , of course being brilliant and superior students were busy among themselves discussing studies giving little importance to the girl ,which can be understood by the attitudes of the boys. But since the girl was travelling alone, after sometime one of the boys initiated talking with her and others also got introduced one by one. After sometime spending with the girl the boys again became busy among themselves giving little importance to the girl. But after this there is a sudden change in the attitudes of the girl. She started initiating talks with the boys. Her conversations mostly included how some males were after her and how even she slapped many of them to teach them a lesson etc etc. She said "ladka jab tak kharab nahi hota hai, ladki tab tak haath nehi uthati hai" (means- a girl never hits any boy unless the boy is bad). As I was noticing them, there was no any such matter among them.Then ,why did the girl start those talkings ? Did she want special treatment from the boys ? The 3 students were  not giving too much importance to me also. But, I never took it seriously.
            On reaching home, I felt the 3 male students never discriminated between the girl and me (a boy). But it is the actions & demands of women that make men believe women should have special treatment. But since they want special treatment ,they must be either inferior or superior to men. If women really want equalization then why they seek special treatment ?


Even after knowing all these things, if a man keeps his mouth shut for whatever reason , then I feel ashamed of  being such a  man . Wake up the time is not so far when you all will realize what this weird man is telling you all about.

1)         Since, women are always smarter than men, you can notice how very cleverly, they attract the society's mindset in favour of women. They never loose any chance to raise women's issues and in the process suppress men's issues. As for example in the coming Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill(2010) women not only demand protection for women , they also protested against men having same protection for men against women. This indirectly means women will be able to sexually harass men without any penalty .


Modern women seem to forget who made the environment safer for women to work   today. Aren't they  the men ? Then how can they demand a biased Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill (SHWB 2010) by neglecting men. Shouldn't the bill be made gender neutral to provide men also a safer environment to work ?

2)         Since time immemorial ,women are seen as assets which need to be protected by men. In this process today men have become UNPAID BODYGUARDs and FREE ATM MACHINEs for their families. Today in India, married men are committing suicide at nearly double the rate of married women. But no one cares because Mother Nature has produced males in abundance (Sex ratio of males is higher than women). One lakh seventy thousand (NRCB data) husbands committed suicide in last 12 years(1996-2008)directly due to domestic violence but no one cares ! One married man commits suicide every 9.42 minutes.
Still in India domestic violence laws are pro- women & not gender neutral.
3)         Earlier our environment was not safer for women to come out and work.  Men made that environment safer for women to come out and work.In the past many men died in search of safe environment for mankind to live. But today almost all working women seek   husbands or boyfriends whose income is at least more than hers. Why such double standards ? Why they can't take the responsibility of running a house's expenses all like a man ? Today we do not see any house-husbands and the blame for this should go to women because whenever they get that chance to make house husbands, they always dump those husbands and seek husband earning more money.

These are not all inclusive , there are many such instances like false rape cases ,false molestation cases ,false dowry harassment cases ,false domestic violence cases etc. etc. against males. Being a man, I feel its my duty to raise  questions against such injustice and  the very  question comes to my mind "Are modern women becoming selfish ?"