Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

jInternet Explorer 9 RC Hits 2 Million Downloads

Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate has reached 2 million downloads milestone, less than a week since its push out in 40 languages. The downloads only accounted for user-initiated downloads, and not those through Windows Update.

Microsoft shipped Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate last Thursday, it is the final preview before Microsoft gives the code the green light sometime before the end of March.

IE9 RC comes with a number of improvements, including a new tab management and UI. Users can close tabs without actually having the tab active. Tabs can also be pinned under the address bar for users who browse with multiple tabs open. For added security, IE9 RC comes with tracking protection to prevent websites from finding location.

"This rollout will start with a narrow audience and expand over the next few days to cover all Internet Explorer 9 beta users,

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