Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Apple Applies for Green Apple Logo

Apple Inc has filed paperwork with the European Trademarks Office seeking to make the famous Granny Smith logos (once seen on Beatles LPs ) its own abroad.

The transfer comes as a result of a 2007 legal settlement between Apple and The Beatles' parent company Apple Corps. The settlement resolved a long-standing dispute over ownership of the "Apple" trademark by granting Apple all related trademarks, though the company is required to license certain trademarks back to Apple Corps.

Apple's recent filings cover 14 international trademark classifications in common areas like advertising, games, and computer hardware, and in more obscure ones like precious metals and building construction.

It's entirely possible Apple (Purple iMac) is merely attempting to ensure nobody gets their hands the iconic logo so thoroughly associated with Apple (Yellow Submarine).

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