Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

Do not let them grab your balls cores!

Enough playing around, there is no place for relaxation and merry making – as in fresh shooter "RED STORM DEFENCE" you have four cores! And you must protect them from hordes of incoming mechanical monsters. The steel beasts try to invade your home nest to steal four red energy cores. Because those cores are peculiar – they are glowing red and attract monsters attention.

Your objective – build defensive turrets to keep the cores untouched. Layout of every level offers various sets of "landscape" and monsters respawn gates. You should choose your strategy according to different elements of level (impregnable columns, fathomless pits) and the gates monsters comes in. Also take into account position of the cores – try to make the way to them as long as possible from any gate. That will be your guarantee of success. As you have more time to stop monsters waves with longer labyrinth of defensive turrets. While effectively using level "landscape" keep in mind that 1 square wide passage must be available for monsters to reach your cores.

There are four types of defensive turrets at your disposal:

- Light AC Tower (cheap way to build long labyrinth defence)

- Light Laser Tower (slows down monsters)

- Light Missile Tower (fires missiles that inflict critical damage)

- Light Artillery Tower (fires with shells that stun monsters) 

The turrets are exquisitely balanced in price/damage. Therefore you can try various combinations of defence tactics. Every successful defence of new level gives you 3 Skill Points, every next victory on this level gives you only 1 point. We would advise you to spend them immediately at improvements of turrets of any type. The tree of skills is thoughtfully managed in the way when more powerful skills become available eventually. Also you can focus on improving only specific favourite type of turrets that you use mostly. Otherwise you can easily reset all you Skill Points any time you wish.

Rewards will strengthen your robot are of great help in your defence actions. Sometimes it's better to slow down your progress through the game to beat again some previous levels and get good reward. It will help you keep successful pace on tough higher levels.

On one hand you get "upgrade points" that you earn for terminating monsters and spend within one level for purchasing and upgrading turrets. On the other hand you can save up certain amount of "upgrade point" for buying special items and weapons for your mech warrior. Your hero can get better weapons (for each of his three slots) and buy some damage increasing mods as well. We would hint you to drop into the "Hangar" every time you get new odd level (3, 5, 7…) There you'll surely find some new destructive toys that monsters dislike but you fall in love firing with them!

As usual, controls are easy, graphics and visuals are detailed, perfectly accompanied by encouraging music and sound effects. We wish you exciting defence battles for all 15 levels of the game "RED STORM DEFENCE" by Badim (elite-games.net)

We recommend playing the game:

- to those who enjoy "tower defence" and "shooter" engaging combinations

- to fans of the series about our old buddy mech "Red October" and his perpetual struggle with monsters

- to office boys and girls that have 10-15 minute break (and no solitaire, please)

- to those gamer that love to reset skills and try them in various challenges

Our remarks:

- sometimes it is possible to put your turret right in front of the gate where monsters come from. In this case you can hit them, fire on them and they turn back and run away. This cheat help a lot on the levels with 4 monster gates.

Our rating: 8,5/10


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