Senin, 03 Januari 2011

Vitamin C Could Shorten Our Life!!

...and especially those who are battling cancer! All this while, direct sellers mindlessly told us that vitamin C could cure any disease; They said their vitamin Cs are self-produced, making it very healthy and safe for consumption; and in order to rev up their sales they'll advice us to take large doses of these vitamin C! Yeah, many people gobble huge doses of vitamin C in hopes of so-called boosting their immune system and warding off illness. But a new research shows that in people with cancer, vitamin C are actually causing more harm than good. In other words, these vitamin C could have "helped" protecting the cancer cells against chemotherapy! Crap! 

Is this still safe for us?

According to Dr. Mark Heaney, the use of vitamin C supplements could have the potential to reduce the ability of patients to respond to therapy. Dr. Heaney and his colleagues tested 5 different chemotherapy drugs on cancer cells in the laboratory. Some of the cells were treated with vitamin C. In every case, including a test of the powerful new cancer drug Gleevec, chemotherapy did not work as well if cells had been exposed to vitamin C!!! The chemotherapy agents killed 30% to 70% fewer cancer cells when treated with the vitamin. Now, that's really, really shocking!

Poor mice! 

And here's another terrible finding: A second set of experiments implanted cancer cells in mice. They found that the tumours grew more rapidly in mice that were given cancer cells pretreated with vitamin C. That means that if we have a mild tumour in us...then after consuming these vitamin Cs, the mild tumour will turn into malignant cancer cells even faster? Now, that's really beyond horrifying...

Yeah! Now he (cancer) has the last laugh!

One final blow: The researchers also found that just like healthy cells, cancer cells also benefit from vitamin C. The vitamin appeared to repair a cancer cell's damaged mitochondria, the energy center of cells. When the mitochondria is injured, it sends signals that force the cell to die, but vitamin C interrupts this process. Again, Vitamin C is being so kind & helpful here. Instead of letting the cancer cell die, it actually revive the evil cells allowing to grow.

...Which is?

So is Vitamin C is still safe for our consumption? I don't know...but the answer is an obvious NO right? It's not fair for me to say anything. Hopefully the experts could clarify about this soon. So you guys better be careful with the supplements that you are taking. And please don't give you families and friends who have cancer consume these lethal killer-vitamin C!

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