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100 Things to Do When Bored in Class

Bored in Class, Or just want to Laugh Your Heads off?

Devise a secret code with your friend then hand in the homework in that code
  1. Continually ask questions so that the professor can't give homework
  2. Answer the teacher's questions in slow motion
  3. Answer questions only with one word
  4. Scream random words without anybody noticing it's you
  5. Continuously yawn until everyone is yawning
  6. Ask your professor personal questions
  7. Every time the professor finishes talking clap
  8. Talk very fast
  9. Call the professor "Mom" or "Dad"
  10. Count your hair
  11. Talk with an accent
  12. Answer questions in a different language
  13. Fake spasms
  14. Pretend to be scared of everything
  15. Draw cartoon characters of your classmates or of the professors
  16. Quote Family Guy
  17. Write out plan on how to conquer the world
  18. Pretend to Choke
  19. Pretend to be drunk
  20. Tap your feet on the ground loudly
  21. Raise your hand for every question your teacher asks you but answer "oh i forgot"
  22. Pretend to slip
  23. Wink at the teacher
  24. Wink at random people
  25. Smack your thigh and smile at the people who look at you
  26. Smile the whole lesson
  27. When the teacher enters the room give a low bow
  28. Pretend to sleep and snore loudly
  29. Drop your pen and say "accio"
  30. Ask your teacher where the potions room is
  31. Ask the teacher where he/she is
  32. Fake Fart Sounds
  33. Ask the teacher for his/her phone number
  34. Spill you pencil case/box on the floor
  35. Pretend to be sick
  36. Pretend to have photographic memory
  37. Fake flashbacks
  38. Tell people "I'm Pregnant"
  39. Ask out the teacher
  40. Repeat movie lines
  41. Pretend you are Harry Potter and your scar hurts
  42. Sing your favourite song
  43. Twitter the whole lesson
  44. Pretend to be Indian
  45. Write a love note to the teacher
  46. Talk to yourself
  47. Snort Eraser dust
  48. When the teacher enters the room Scream "next"
  49. When the Teacher enters the room ask for a refund
  50. On your assignments write very small or extremely big
  51. Act like a nerd
  52. Pull a "Michael Jackson"
  53. Put some red ink on a ruler, then slash your wrists with it so people think you cut yourself
  54. Talk in slang
  55. Get into a fight with yourself
  56. Pretend you are a gangster
  57. Pretend you are high
  58. Bring a bag of flour to the school and on your desk make lines of flour and attempt to snort them
  59. Once the teacher enters the room get the whole class to sing the national anthem
  60. Act high
  61. Stare at one object in the classroom for one lesson
  62. Rate the teacher
  63. Pretend you are "Susan Boyle" and sing "I Dream a Dream
  64. Touch a Plug and pretend to get electrocuted
  65. Fart
  66. Sleep
  67. Make odd animal noises
  68. Act like an undercover spy
  69. Write down everything the teacher says while repeating what they say
  70. Laugh Stupidly for no reason
  71. Act as if you were blind
  72. Sit on the floor and beg for money
  73. Think of the best excuses for being late/ not handing in your homework
  74. s.u.c.k/ your stationary seductively while staring at a person
  75. Begin Cussing at your self
  76. Talk in gangster rap
  77. Challenge your teacher to a rap battle
  78. Pretend to chew gum
  79. Point out the window and say "LOOK EVERYBODY SPIDERMAN" once every one looks say "oh too late he's gone now"
  80. Write a love note and leave it on the chair when you change period
  81. Play an air guitar
  82. Throw paper airplanes
  83. Say random facts about people
  84. Go up to someone you have never talked to before then tell them "i have this problem for years now i can't take it anymore"
  85. Narrate your life
  86. Beat box
  87. Whistle at random things
  88. Count random things
  89. Pass notes to people you have no interest in
  90. Ask personal details about people you would never have talked to
  91. Play your favorite song in your head
  92. Think of what the teacher's life was like
  93. Rhyme the last words of everybody's sentences
  94. Play paper football
  95. Search in your bag/binder for things you don't have
  96. Attempt to Find Nemo
  97. Take some take and give yourself a waxing
  98. Find a better thing to do than find 100 things to do when bored

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