Kamis, 08 April 2010

Katherine Heigl suffers wardrobe malfunction

Actress Katherine Heigl faced an embarrassing situation when one of the straps broke on her red dress in the middle of her acceptance speech at an award function in Las Vegas.

The 31-year-old actress was being honoured with Female Star of the Year Award at the ShoWest convention for her work in films like "27 Dresses" and "The Ugly Truth".

She couldn't finish her speech as she battled with the broken strap, reports dailymail.co.uk. Billy Bush, host of the show, stepped in as a savior by holding her strap in place and giving her a chance to say a few words without worry of showing too much flesh.

After receiving her award, she went backstage and found a pin to secure the strap before heading to the photographers' enclosure to show off her new award.

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