Jumat, 12 Maret 2010

Katona's ex-husband took cash bribes to betray her

Singer Kerry Katona's estranged husband has revealed that he cashed in on her popularity by taking money from the paparazzi to reveal her whereabouts.

Mark Croft, who was a cab driver, said he even revealed details of the emotional first meeting between Katona and her biological father's children, reports dailymail.co.uk

"When I did earn money by tipping people off, she went mad. I would tell photographers where she was going and get paid for it. Kerry went mental when she found out but it didn't stop me, I don't feel guilty," he said.

Croft admitted that he would taunt his wife, who suffers from bipolar disorder, until she lost her temper.

"I could push it to the limit. I know how to wind her up to the point she would start screaming at me," he said.

However, he refuses to take the blame for the end of their marriage, claiming Katona was having an affair with a sports instructor she met at a weight loss bootcamp.

He said he had taken back her wedding and engagement rings. "I hate her".

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